Gone East

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I spent 25 hours driving my little Prius from L.A. to Little Rock, Arkansas and spent two days recouping at my in-laws. Then, I set out for Orlando which took another 15 hours... wow, what a cross country drive! My only regret was forgetting my digital camera. Yes, it was unfortunate, but I can only describe the countryside through my words--even better, I found pics online. The good news is my total gas bill spent on the trip cost me only $160 total!!!! I know, hybrids are sooooo worth it!

Anyways, I need a few days to get setup in my temporary home, wait for my DSL, etc. before I can get any work done. I hope to be able to post on a regular basis after I am organized.

Oh, the above photo is the beautiful rock formation in Kingman, Arizona. It was such a breathtaking drive along the I-40. Who would have thought? Another great location was Flagstaff. Why does it take driving cross country to really appreciate nature?

For all of those waiting for me to be back online...sorry, I'll get to the work when I can! :)

4 Responses to "Gone East"

Karen Says :
5:52 AM

Yay, you're in-state!
Glad you and your gas card survived the trek. The Prius rocks!

jax Says :
9:59 PM

Yes the Prius rocks, but I miss my DSL so I can get to work. Can't wait to get back on RD full-time.

Laine Morgan Says :
10:27 AM

How long will you be in FL?

I agree, the drive through Arizona is beautiful!

JENNA Says :
4:17 PM

I can't wait for hybrid sedans to catch up in price to the regular ones... then I am so there. Can't afford it yet. Just as well. My babes 'colored' the side of by corolla with chalk yesterday.

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