An exercise in indulgence...I'm talking partying like Paris Hilton

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I may be pulling out my hair, but there are many perks to being a personal assistant. First off--I scored a movie premiere and got to mingle with the stars for this movie "Home of the Brave". It's a war drama about Iraq and it was really poignant and sad. My buddy C.R. is involved in this big organization that helps veterans called New Directions and this benefit helped them out a lot! I stuffed my face, downed a few drinks and was ready to sweet talk the hot babes...come to mama, Brian... He's the star of the movie and he's even hotter in person. Hope you like the pics...I know I looked less than perfect due to dragging my ass to the premiere after work and after 3 glasses of wine even before it started! on theme, I was trashed 5 out of 7 days of this forgive my rather frazzled state :) LOL

Brian Presley et Moi...hubba hubba

Me & Jessica Biel (She's stunning in person. That bitch.)
Me & Chad Michael Murray

Sneak shot of my buddy Morgan Freeman...didn't get a chance to get a photo op, but I still got a good one!

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You look great Dahling.

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