You know you've hit the big times...

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when you get FLOOR SEATS to the LAKERS vs. CLIPPERS game. Yesiree...being a personal assistant has its little perks. I scored tix to see Saturday's game at the staple center and didn't realize I got premium seats until I got there! What a treat that was for me! I even got pics as proof that I was there...okay, unfortunately my camera was low on battery and not all shots were crisp, but they will suffice as Exhibit A.

Me and Jess..two beers before half-time show..

Half-time show with girls in bubbles doing weird contortionist shit

Kobe and the big guy from the Clippers who's name I can never remember

You can see how close I am when you look up you can actually read the board!

4 Responses to "You know you've hit the big times..."

Maggie Jaimeson Says :
2:39 AM

Wow, these pics bring back memories. I used to go to Laker games back in the early 70's with Wilt Chamberlain, Jerry West, Jim McMillan, and Gail Goodrich. Those were the days of great teams and national championships. I'm afraid Iv'e pretty much lost track of basketball these days. The Portland Trailblazers have just never been a team that has wanted me to be a fan.

Kristen Painter Says :
4:55 PM

Looks like you had fun!

jax Says :
10:29 PM

I had a blast!!!! It was such a great experience to be so close to the players. I was more interested in the reactions of the fans than with the game. LOL

Sela Carsen Says :
6:54 PM

You must be pretty damn special to score those tickets, woman!

Glad you enjoyed yourself!

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