Another bites the dust...

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Well, not exactly. I just finished my latest deadline at 1:00AM last night! Two more to go. Woohoo! It's always a struggle to get through a project when so much of your life revolves around personal drama. I'm surprised how well the end product is considering this was one of the projects that has taken me the longest to produce. I think that everyone's entitled to step back without letting the guilt eat us up inside. Sometimes we need the time to find an inner balance before we can proceed on our journey. I know, I know. I hear it all the time. However, I don't believe in writer's block. I personally believe that we have moments when we fall off track but when push comes to shove, our muses will be right there to get us back in the game. For a while I thought my writing days were over. The inspiration well felt like it ran dry, but these days I've discovered that sometimes you just have to keep writing even when you don't want to. The momentum and effort will keep things real and when you get to the final pages, it's a feeling you can't ever forget. It's a feeling you want to remember when you need to meet other deadlines.

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Eva Gale Says :
2:47 PM

Or it could be the booze.

jax Says :
8:14 PM

It's always the booze.. :)

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