Best weight loss plan ever!

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Well, the past few weeks I've been sick and then was hit with a stomach bug. Fast forward a few weeks and my weight keeps dropping. Today I stepped on the scale and am a whole 93 lbs with my 2 lb boots on! Maybe the scale was off? That's it, but I do enjoy being skinny. Just you wait, I'll be eating my way back to my regular weight soon enough. Okay, I know. I need to take better care of myself. I swear I do, it's just a temporary thing. Promise. On another note. I've been tagged!

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1. I am secretly a klutz
2. I preferred GI Joes and green army men over Barbie dolls as a kid
3. I use to ride on the back of my Great Dane like a horse when I played Cowboys and Indians when I was nine
4. I can make the ugliest monkey lips when I want to
5. I've been engaged 5 times (Where do you think they got the Runaway Bride?)
6. I wanted to be an Entertainment Tonight correspondence
7. I got a bit part in "Heart's Afire" and passed on it because I wasn't ready to move to California
8. I met Bill Clinton and his family when I was elected Senator at Girl's State
9. I can't swim
10. I was a semi-finalist to be a Fly Girl for In Living Color but dropped out when my dance partner wasn't chosen

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5 Responses to "Best weight loss plan ever!"

Eva Gale Says :
8:37 AM


Double Ha!

Portia Da Costa Says :
11:36 AM

You are dastardly, Jax! LOL

But I've dunnit, all the same...

jax Says :
12:04 AM

Gotta make somebody's life miserable. I can't be the only one. :)

Merlin Says :
4:26 AM


Thank-you : what did I do to deserve this ?

Done anyway. On my blog if you're interested .


Michelle Says :
12:38 PM

Well thanks - I didn't see that you had tagged me too but I did this yesterday! :-) THree tags I got on this one. I gotta stop blog hopping!! LOL

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