In the midst

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Much of my life revolves around work. I can't escape the BS that goes on and I can't seem to avoid being in the midst of a major crossfire between the battle of the spouses. How do I find myself in this predicament? Frankly, who the hell knows. Today is Monday and I hope to turn the other cheek. Right.

How was my weekend? I spent most of it drinking, writing, and putting together my web presentation for RT. I'm suppose to have emailed out the documents but have a bit of tweaking tonight before it can go out. I'm just a day late, hopefully it's not too bad. There's so much to do before the conference and it seems like there's never enough time. I sound like a parrot as I've caught myself mimicking those words time and time again.

Got to go find a flask to put in my desk drawer so I can make it through the day. LOL

3 Responses to "In the midst"

Hulles Says :
6:06 PM

Funny! I actually bought two flasks for my desk -- the first one was too tiny!

7:45 AM

It's not the size of the flask : it's what you put in it that counts.


jax Says :
12:01 PM

I will make sure it is in the shape of a perfume bottle! LOL

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