A new start, a new adventure

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I quit my job yesterday. I had enough and I'm not one to tolerate a horrible boss, but I gave it a shot because I don't want to make job hopping a lifetime commitment. Anyways, I've got two incredible interviews coming up. One tomorrow at 9:00AM and the other sometime next week. Both are equally wonderful companies and I'm nervous. I hate going to job interviews, in fact, I hate job hunting but thankfully the universe has brought these to me very quickly. Thank you Heavens! Okay, now is the part where I wish I hadn't turned in a 30 days so I could actually have a few days off. I guess that's what the Romantic Times Convention is for. Again, it won't be a vacation since I'll be working my butt off there. :) It's all good. I'll be doing a workshop for web design with a panel which is going to be great! I'll give more details soon. I'm soooo hungry. I just ordered Thai food..YUM!

Okay, happy eating. I'll go watch American Idol now....

6 Responses to "A new start, a new adventure"

Eva Gale Says :
11:40 PM

Gah! Thai! gah! Fingers crossed, I wish you luck.

Babe King Says :
1:54 AM

Good luck!

Portia Da Costa Says :
2:16 AM

Best of luck with your interviews, Jax! I know you can ace them, and that you'll get a job that's great for you... and a nice boss!



Kristen Painter Says :
7:12 AM


I'm glad you quit that wretched job. That man does NOT deserve you. You're going to get a fabulous job!


Sela Carsen Says :
12:49 PM

Here here. He deserves an award for Worst Boss Evah! You'll soon find a place where you're valued for exactly the treasure you are.

Alan Says :
12:22 AM

Glad to hear that you left... from the sounds of it, it was making you miserable. I echo Kristen-- they didn't deserve you.

You'll find someplace better (I'm sure that won't be hard) and I'm sure it'll all be for the best!

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