Brush with hotties...

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Don't hate me too much....

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Candy and me posing at the VIP party...

I love Candy Havens! Twice a year I get to see my bud in LA and each time it's a real joy to hang out with her. As I am always asked to be her "date" to the Television Critics Award (TCA), I would never decline an invitation. Truthfully, I come to see her and not the perks that comes with her job...This year I have to brag a bit... In past participation I brushed elbows with HUGH LAURIE, some of the cast of CRIMINAL INTENT and MY NAME IS EARL...but this year I was grabbing apps at a VIP party when who would stand next to me and speak to me??? SYLAR from the tv show HEROES! I have to admit I was taken off guard that he was an inch from me and he was a sexy thing...we had a five minute conversation about dim sum that was being'd think I would be clever enough to engage in more meaningful conversations like "do you planning on slicing my head and reading the mechanics of my brain?" (although my friend Rob told me I should have gotten to the point and asked if he was single! LOL) Of course we joked about Zachary, aka Sylar, not being able to eat seafood and then he had to get back to his group...oh well. Now you would think it would end there. Nope. I made eye contact and said "Hello" to MOHINDER...He is so beautiful in person! You'd think my heart would be able to take it...he stood next to me at the bar line...go figure. Of course, after I recovered I stuffed my face some more (that's why I like to show up at these events, FREE FOOD!) and needed another beverage. I go out to the outside bar as it was a shorter wait and looked over to see MR. BENET (I love Jack Coleman..ever since DYNASTY)...I'm starting to have a thing for older if he had had on his cute little glasses I would have hauled him into the closet! After flirting with him with a smile I took my drink and made my way in and ran into KYLE XY--he was cute, although a bit scruffy...but what a gentleman he was. I was trying to pass through the door with drink in hand and he stepped aside and allowed me entry in. Gave him a nice smile and he gave me a wide one back...I didn't think I would be able to contain my excitement at seeing these hot babes...Of course, how lame would it be if I didn't get to see HIRO to round off the male cast? We made eye contact 3 times and twice I was a few inches away from him. What a cutie! ISAAC had this full on bushy beard going that totally psyched me out...I say go without the accessory.. at least HEROES won the Program of the Year award! YAY!!!! I did see many more cool actors from the cast of Sopranos to ALEC BALDWIN, DEXTER'S Michael C. Hall, some 30 Rock folks, and some I can't think of....yes, Eden would be soooo jealous. She probably loves half of the men I ran into! I won't bore you with any more details but let's just say I didn't go home until a little after 3 AM..this included the gossiping and getting a sneak peek at the much anticipated NEW AMSTERDAM...It's brilliant! I am sooooooo stoked! I love living in LA!

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Diana Castilleja Says :
12:03 PM

Too much fun!

12:14 PM

Hiro AND Mohinder?!!!
I am sooooooo jealous. Didnt you need anyone to hold your sun thingy? Your plate of dim sum? Throw rose petals at your feet? LOL
Sounds like you had a great time!

Karen Erickson Says :
12:20 PM

Lucky lucky lucky...sounds like you had a fab time! :)

Antonia Pearce Says :
12:33 PM

Oh, wow! I miss LA! I miss the industry! (Not the cost of living, though! LOL)

So glad you had such a wonderful time, Jax! Thanks for sharing that exciting recap with those of us who lead VERY boring lives!

Crystal Jordan Says :
12:36 PM

Yay! I love Heroes. And Mohinder is hawt!

Emma Says :
2:58 PM

Mohinder. Le sigh. I'm glad you had a hunkaliscious time! LOL!

Kristen Painter Says :
2:58 PM

Sounds like a fun night!

Shelli Stevens Says :
4:51 PM

I've never watched the show, can you believe it? I just don't watch much tv...besides CNN.

But how fun for you! You always get the best opportunities, Jax! Live it up :)

Sara Thacker Says :
5:40 AM

Oh, sounds like fun. I love Candace, she's so nice.

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