Half a year...

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Can you believe July is nearing the end and what started out as an unpredictable year has gotten even more messier? Not in a bad way, per se, but in a very strange 'moon in retrograde' now passed thing. I find life inspiring. There's been many losses for me this year and many small surprises. When I hit my low's I somehow find the courage to continue. My writing is hitting the "write with a vengeance" phase and I'm hellbent on getting my novel out to editors and agents by October 1st...at least then, I can feel good about myself. It's been too long since my last completed manuscript and insecurity was starting to creep in. Like all writers, there are different kinds of adversities we must face and not everyone realizes the other's challenges. I've got many writer friends who are facing difficult times when the sun should be shining on them. I know many who have succeeded and faced tremendous personal hardships when they should be celebrating. Life is a big emotional whirlpool but in the end, I want to be the one who finds the life vest that will get me out of that forsaken hole. Maybe I'll be able to cast a net and pull them all up with me....

We as writers need each other for whatever kind of support we can give. Writers live a lonely existence and without friends to be there for us when we're at our lowest point, we are lost. Today I'm dedicating this post to all my dear friends who have been with me down this rocky road. Thank you for your heart and soul.

I know that time heals all...and love conquers even the worst of enemies...including our own demons....THANK YOU for your friendship...THANK YOU for believing in me....

3 Responses to "Half a year..."

Eva Gale Says :
6:13 PM

Cut it out, you're going to make me cry.


I love you too, wench.

jax Says :
7:46 PM

You know it's the truth! Especially if I'll be moving into your basement in your new house!!! LOL

Sela Carsen Says :
8:19 AM

You can move into my basement. If you help me clean it out first. ;) Love ya!

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