In the Frame of mind

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A proud mama with my first print book... :)

Up close and personal...

I can't wait to see my collection of print runs lining the will definitely happen!

With my new direction comes a new look. My hairstylist coerced me into an image change so she decided to give me the new likey?


This coming Saturday, August 4th from 1-3 PM, I'll be signing at The Book Ladies in Corona, CA for their Jungle Book Boogie with authors Eden Bradley, J.M. Jeffries, Sylvia Day, Jenifer Apodaca, April Reign, Verna Hargrove and, if we're lucky, the fabulous Jina Bacarr!

Here's the address:
The Book Ladies
511 North Main Street, Suite 103
Corona, CA

If you need directions you can call the bookstore: (951) 808-4587
Come and join us if you can! This is a really fun group of authors, and there'll be some great books!

Don't miss out!

12 Responses to "In the Frame of mind"

Babe King Says :
1:13 AM

Very, very cool! Go you!

Eden Bradley Says :
1:15 AM


Sela Carsen Says :
8:42 AM

That's so awesome!!!

Jennifer McK Says :
8:56 AM

I can't wait for you to line that wall either. It looks awesome.

Cassandra Says :
9:06 AM

Ooh, It's beautiful, Jax! Congratulations, again.

I wish I could be there, heck I used to live not too far from there, but I am on the other coast... ::sigh::

Hope you all have a great signing and enjoy!


L.K. Campbell Says :
9:09 AM

That's a great idea. I did something similar (but not as cool as yours) with my first two books. I haven't gotten around to making one for the third yet.
Best wishes with your book signing.

Eva Gale Says :
9:32 AM

OMG, that looks so lush!

And finally, your colors!

Laura Bacchi Says :
10:27 AM

It looks wonderful!!!! Good luck with the signing!

MIchelle (MG) Says :
12:01 PM

Gorgeous - the framed book and you! :-D

12:04 PM

Oh wow! Thats so cool!! And you look amazing :)

Babe King Says :
10:53 PM

Just wanted to call by and say it meant a lot to me that you liked my new website, even though it's not quite finished. Jodie is totally awesome, but girl, when it comes to this stuff, you are still the queen!

Amanda Brice Says :
9:05 AM

I love it!

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