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So, my active weekend has become...non-active. I realized my workload does not include time to have fun..(maybe I'll come lay out at Eden's pool)...although I did all the socializing last night...still have cotton mouth from all the alcohol. Did I mention Eva Gale is going to document the number of times I tell her I quit drinking. LOL

Farewell parties are always hit or miss. Two of my workmates are leaving to better pastures, but I promised Ash I'd take two of my workposse's and take a trip to San Diego to see her..that's when we go to the brewery and have a good 'ole time! Okay, what's up for me today if not jumping off the side of a mountain this weekend? I am going to do websites, cleaning, laundry, go to the hairstylist, eat, write, maybe catch a movie...maybe try to fit everything into 2 days...can I do it? I don't know, I tend to have an agenda and then I never get things completely done! But one thing's for sure, I'm doing websites and maybe stock up on some wine for my home...the bottle count is looking a bit low.

Now, off to my adventures in the world of domestication....where's my housekeeper?

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