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It's been a real struggle starting my latest novella. I can say I know the story inside and out, but when it comes to penning the darn thing, no one wants to cooperate! Fortunate for me, the tides have changed! I've been able to...create... yes, I'm finally starting to listen to my characters instead of resisting their needs.

I got a copy of my radio show from last week and I can say I'm proud of it. I played it on my hour long commute to work and couldn't help feeling a bit amazed. It was my first live show and although I thought I sounded like a real dork at times, it wasn't half bad. Who doesn't hate the sound of their voice? I would love to have one of those raspy, sex kitten voices...sign, but it'll never happen for me. Well, once I get the edited version without commercials I'll be able to throw it up on my website for those who missed the original show.

What do I have planned for the rest of the week? A heck of a lot!!!! I know the writing juices are flowing and I'm ready to jump right in and show what Jax Cassidy is made of. LOL

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Leigh Royals Says :
5:56 PM

I for one can't wait to hear it! I'm so thrilled for you and proud of you!

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