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I had an enlightening weekend, added with the alcohol consumption and good sushi, and plenty of workload...I'm miraculously still mentally intact. As I scramble to meet deadlines and finish my graphics work it's clear I need to create a schedule. You see, I'm really bad about this sort of stuff. I'm a winger..I wing everything and hope it works out. I take on too much and I know it and yet I do it anyway. This must be deeply psychological. I'm easily persuaded by a good bottle of du vin. A nice vintage with a less oaky taste, the better. Sweet wines are my weaknesses. Red or white doesn't matter because they both get me in the mood...okay, where were we. It's Monday and I started up the day listening to James Blunt live on the radio. The guy has the sexiest voice!!! I think I'm going to try to go to his next concert. I'm in this live music stage where I want to see as much as I can even when I should be saving the money for my intense Bikram Yoga classes. 108 degree heat and bending your body in ways that are unnatural always makes me all tingly inside. LOL

I opened my fridge and realize I have no groceries. Still the same things glare out at me, bottle water, fruit juice, five bottles of wine, two champagne bottles, a stick of butter, some salad dressings and a tub of Korean hot sauce. Hey, I like spicing up my food! Okay...where was I.

I'm swamped. I'm excited about all my upcoming deadlines and releases. I'm ready to take on the, if I could just get some sleep!

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