My last push for Heifer International...

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This is my last push.. I am set to jump out of a bloody plane on Saturday, October 20th! I will have a DVD and images of before and after the jump...hopefully I won't be screaming like a girl all the way down.

So, if you haven't donated to my can still do so...I haven't reached my goal!!!!!

I have a pathetic $285 donation and trying to raise $500 to meet my goal. Where's the love??? Here's your chance to help me help the world, one person at a time...Please spread the word. I'll take anything!

Team Freefall: Skydiving to End World Hunger

Skydiving jump set for October 2007

My team's goal is to raise AT LEAST $5000 to donate to Heifer International. My goal is to raise $500 of that portion. This organization uses the donations for a multitude of projects in nearly every region of the world. Most of these projects deal with donating milking livestock to needy families in third-world countries, who will subsequently donate future calves to other families and build an empowered community. Some involve building bi-national peace parks to educate farmers from both sides on working together towards better agriculture. Others involve educating young girls in Africa about HIV/AIDS.

Here's the link to my donation page if you want to help me with getting people to donate!

For Jax's Donation Page Click HERE

3 Responses to "My last push for Heifer International..."

Mel Francis Says :
1:37 PM

I donated for Honeybees because that's my name means in Greek. :)

angeleque Says :
3:20 PM

Done. I just donated for honeybees.

jax Says :
7:03 PM

I LOVE YOU BOTH! How wonderful that my friends care enough to do this. I'll think of you all when I jump out of the plane and yell "WTF did I get myself into!"

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