The Single Life

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How funny that being single can be a blessing and a curse. You either get set up on bad blind dates or you find yourself being hit on by any weirdo with a pulse. Then you've got days when you come home to an empty place and the only socialization is you talking to your money tree about your work day. I normally enjoy the being a slob part without anyone nagging. I also enjoy the 'do whatever I want' attitude. It's a lot of fun to run around in your underwear and bounce on the bed when you're bored.

I am entertaining the thought of a pet but, of course, I can hear my friends screaming "NO!!!!!!!!!" Do I look like I can't handle a pet?? Don't answer that. LOL

I'll say the worst part of being single is the lonely days. Days where you listen to morose music by bitter singers who has been raked through the coals by a bad come home to a bottle of wine and no one to tell about your day to. It's a total different ballgame gabbing with your friends on the phone for a few hours, but sometimes you just want the company. I'm not really whining about being single...seriously, I'm just saying that the lonliness never goes away. Or does it?

Please, no more blind dates. I've got a lot to offer and I hope that those considering setting me up should realize I have high standards. A rich man would help my cause at the that shallow? LOL

3 Responses to "The Single Life"

angeleque Says :
5:21 PM

I can totally relate.

But of course, my situation is slightly different, divorce not final.

My friends think I should date, but I have this wierd (honor marriage vows/still technically married) hang-up. And my life is complicated enough.

Even though he did give me his "permission" to date. Nights are the loneliest, no one to snuggle up to, the dog usually abandons me halfway though the night.

jax Says :
6:09 PM

I'm not officially divorced until the first week of December. I think it's fair to date once you move out. It's over. I was so comfortable with having someone around that I didn't realize how empty everything is. Hugging pillows is a great comfort...with a tub of Starbucks Coffee ice cream!!!! Sometimes I get sad, but for the most part I know things happen for a live life because it could easily be taken away from you.

Nancy Henderson Says :
6:46 PM

I know exactly how you feel. It's so hard being alone, but my problem too is when I'm with someone I long for the days when I was alone. I have no idea why. I guess it's from having less time to write. It's a strange thing. I think that's why I always end up ruining something good when I have it, because thoughts of wanting to have my own 'me' back come up, you know? leaves me with a lot of guilt. And yes, the loneliness never goes away. It gets better, but it's still there, especially after kissing so many frogs and never seeing your prince. Great post! Thanks for letting me know I'm not alone.

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