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Turning 36 was a milestone in my life. I've always thought I would be successful at 35, ever since I was a wee lass...and true, success is measured by different things. I can say I did reach the success I wanted. Not the fame and fortune part but everything in my life is coming together. It has been a pivotal journey with lots of twists and turns like my books..but what I've gained is immeasurable.

I have found a strength within myself to keep me motivated, keep me going. Sure I'm not a saint, but I'm taking steps for a better self. I'm learning to empower myself so I can be self-sufficient and mentally sound. Gone are those days when I used others as a crutch when I was down...of course I'm grateful for their support, but I need to focus on the main target. I need to focus on ME!

So on this Thursday, I'm going to start a new path....

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