Costumes, joy joy!

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I was given wings!!!

My co-workers and I at Broadway Elementary! :)

I'm a Faerie who will be handing out candy. I'll pick up my wings before I leave the office!

Gemma and I at my friend's party last weekend!

The Cat Burgular and the Detective

5 Responses to "Costumes, joy joy!"

Shari Says :
2:14 PM

Cute costumes! Hope you have fun!

Emma Sanders Says :
2:31 PM

I love it!!! Happy Halloween!

Crystal Jordan Says :
4:10 PM

Awwww, cute!

T. Sue VerSteeg Says :
11:16 PM

Did Gemma ever catch you in the act?? ;) CUTE!!!

Kristen Painter Says :
9:11 AM

Fun stuff! I didn't dress up this year, but one of my cats did. lol

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