Happy Halloween!

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This year I get to dress up for work...literally! YAY! My conservative company is a big advocate of charities and one of the things we adopt is an elementary for various holidays. So, basically no one ever dresses up!!!! However, as a volunteer, this year I will be in costume to hand out candy to these little kids at a nearby elementary school. I'm sure they'll be much bigger than I am! Hope to have pictures to share with you because I love to see the reaction of children when they are being visited :)

Since I don't have a wide array of costumes, and most of the ones I have are too risque for these little ones, I've pulled out a oldie but goodie ... I'm not trying to to scare the kids otherwise I'd just come as myself...LOL

Have a safe and fun-filled day! BOO! Drink responsibly...ahem.

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