Mid-Week Wonders

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People often ask me why I would waste my time on charities when my life is already overflowing with work. My philosophy is to help as much as possible because one person does make a difference. I have always loved community, family, and helping others. It's instilled within me at a young age and as I developed into the woman I am today, I feel like I must do more. I have the power to make change and even though I'm no celebrity, I believe that if every person did one good deed, it counts toward the whole scheme of things. I may be crazy, but I think about the future. I think about my nieces and nephews, unborn children in this world, children other than mine (if I were to have any)...and it saddens me that we aren't taking more of an active stance to improve our conditions. I know that long after I am gone from this planet, I can feel good that I made an effort for change.

I'm very pleased that more and more companies are going GREEN. My company is a big proponent of Sustainability and the Environment. They are actively making steps to support those things that will protect our world. We're moving to solar panels, environmental friendly products, conserving, reducing, thinking, caring. I can be proud of their efforts even at such a slow pace but someday we will TOGETHER make change.

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