Sometimes I'm speechless...

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There or days where I actually feel like I've run out of things to talk about...but then I realize I have a million things to talk about, just don't know if I want to broadcast it to a billion people on the worldwide web.

What topics have I covered that are interesting and may continue to draw in a readership without them thinking I'm a crazed lunatic?

1. dysfunctional dating scenerios
2. drunken debauchery acts
3. celebrity flirting
4. embarrassing stories of my making an ass of myself
5. insomniac runs at 2 AM for, God forbid, Mickey D's
6. channel surfing, food network, and show marathons
7. writing techniques and thoughts
8. daredevil and charity ways
9. gossip
10. strange encounters and bad pick up lines

Okay, I'm at a loss.. I figured my life is so boring no one would want to read on. But I do have a MySpace account! I don't blog on it, but I put up lots of pics. I have a few thousand more but who has time to put them up. I'm going to look into Flickr or something like that...

What am I doing this weekend? I'm going to a freakin' REMBRANDT's concert!! Woohoo! I plan on having loads of fun at the casino and drinking my friends under the table. Then I'll get to meet them after the concert as my friends from CHIME are opening for them.. YAY! Then will wake up Sunday with a massive hangover and head to my chapter meeting for some real fun. Yep, it's the day I do my book signing. Trouble is, I think my books might not make it to me on time. :( Which means I'll have 3 copies available and a bunch of postcards and magnets to sign. I can't believe it! Oh well, if the Universe thinks I should get it, I will... back to other news.

I am starting up my marathon training for December. Come Monday I'm going to be training hard and hopefully be fit enough to make it to the finish line. Wish me luck...that reminds me..I'm jumping out of a freakin' plane OCTOBER 20th at 10:00AM....!!!!

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Aren't you supposed to be writing?

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