Still alive...

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Lots on the mind and lots to do.

Have you ever had a good thing happen to you and then three bad things follow? Yep, that's the story of my how do you deal with it when this is a constant factor?

I figured one day I'll wake up and all this hard work would be worth it.... then there are days where I wonder if it's simpler not to be an overachiever. Just think, live life modestly. Have attainable goals that doesn't require a lot of dealings with assholes. I feel like packing up, renting a villa in some obscure part of Italy, and living a life of pure isolation and seclusion. Sometimes you can't help but want that.

For just grin and bear it. :)

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Eva Gale Says :
7:06 PM

What the hell happened now? Last I heard MAN called, and All Was Well With The World.

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