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I love that show and now that it's come to an end...I will watch all 3 seasons on my iPod when I am flying to Hawaii for Thanksgiving week! LOL

I'm estatic Hung won the coveted title of Top Chef at 29! Okay, my friends were rooting for Casey or Dale...but I really think that reality shows like to always make one person the bad guy and those underdogs the ones to root for. From the first episode Hung proved his culinary expertise. So, how are they going to amp up the show if not for drama? At least Hung never changed his personality. He was there to win, he was focused and put 100% into his cooking. Is it a crime to put blinders on and just have your eye on the prize? Who wouldn't want $100K, cooking celebritydom and possibly be able to open your very own restaurant with such a stellar title. It is worth going into the show with that objective. Okay, he could have been more personable and maybe more charming, but all the chefs I've known are super intense individuals with super competitive streaks. I liked a lot of the contestants but I really think the judges chose well. They chose someone who knew their craft and took pride in it. They say he's got no "soul", but that's a matter of opinion. His soul was not in the ethnicity of it all. His soul was in the precision, technical skills, taste and presentation, as how all culinary chefs are taught. I respect that. I didn't think Dale and Casey were at his level so since the show is TOP CHEF, I think it was a wise decision. Who cares if America likes Hung...all he knows is that he made his family proud and he's laughing all the way to the bank. :)

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