The Countdown

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I can see it in the horizon....mmmmmm....THE BIG, I'm getting pampered...A LOT. Well, I will be flying to Hawaii for my first official vacation during Thanksgiving week. Gosh, I feel bad for not celebrating Turkey Day...not too bad. :)

R&R is something I've needed for some time now....years, maybe? Of course, I take mini trips here and there. Wine country, spa retreats, writing conferences, escape weekends. But, I have never truly gone on vacation. Have never just done absolutely nothing. Can I survive not being a workaholic? I'll be packing my camera and hope to have thousands of shots for referencing and just for myself. I'm looking forward to the sun, sandy beaches, and local food! Maybe even do some traditional hoola dancing. I can't believe it's a mere two weeks away!!!! I hope to get a crisp tan when I get back as a nice souvenir. :P I'm sure I'll be pounds heavier, but that's why I'm joining a health club!

Well, what more can I say...I've already mentally checked out on vacation....

3 Responses to "The Countdown"

Babe King Says :
7:04 AM

How cool! Have fun. Meantime I've tagged you for a hometown meme. Running and ducking.....

Mel Says :
10:09 AM

Oh my gosh! You are SO lucky! I am SOOO jealous!!! Are you going alone or with some hot sexy man? Wow, you've really got it all Jax! How do you do it?? Amazing!!!

jax Says :
10:30 PM

Babe...I am so going to get you back. I'll have to fill those questions out, eh?

Mel, I'm going with a special friend and we're gonna get plastered together and enjoy our new direction in life. "How do you do it?" you ask...well, it's not hard when you have amazing people surrounding you.

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