Life's surprises

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I had a great weekend. One of the best ones in a long while. I had spent weeks in between deadlines to put together a photo shoot to do the book covers for my publisher. It was the most insane experience, filled with monkey wrenches and such, but in the end it came off without a hitch and turned out even better than we all expected. We had a great crew, talent, facility, makeup artist and stylist and an incredible photographer...and I can be proud to say as the 2nd photographer on the set, my stuff wasn't too shabby either! :) Can't wait to sift through the hundreds of photos!!!

With my busy schedule, this weekend really opened my eyes to a lot of things. I feel more energized and enthused about what I need to do and what I need to accomplish. My goals are becoming more clearer and I am so happy at where my life is. Sure there are moments where I wonder if I made the right decisions and choices in my life, but in the end I find that sometimes you just have to ride that wave and not overthink things. :)

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Anonymous Says :
3:06 PM

Yes! This is your time! Shine on, Jax, shine on! You're so amazing and I hope one day to be more like you!

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