New Year's Eve...

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As I start counting down to the new year, I look back at all the transitions in my life and realize how much I've grown as an individual. In 2008 there will be many more transitions and I hope it is the beginning of my new beginning. Not only will I change zipcodes, I'll be embracing a full-time writing career. Gotta be prepared for that 'bidding war'...LOL!!

The City of Angels has been good to me and I won't rule out returning one day, but for now, my life is moving in a new direction. Perhaps in a few years the breeze will blow me into another fast paced zipcode, maybe to another country filled with interesting characters. I look forward to this time of change to re-build and re-focus on myself.

Now, for those of you going out to celebrate safe, have fun, and enjoy the festivities...for tomorrow is a new day filled with new promises and adventures waiting for you!

WOOHOO 2008! I know it's going to be an excellent time and looking forward to it!!!!!!!

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bellamy Says :
3:28 AM

Yeah !!! Happy new year, Jax !
May all your dreams come true ! :)

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