Finally Friday

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My buddies want me to go to Happy Hour after work. I think I will do so since it has been a long and busy week with heavy workload. You would think they'd cut a girl some slack for quitting but it appears they are piling it on...well, I could refuse, but being the nice person that I am, I keep working. What's nice is that I can just walk downstairs and hang out at the bar. Some days I'm tempted to drink at lunch...okay, so I have done that in the past, but since I have a high tolerance for alcohol, you'd never know that I was buzzing. :) The wonders of genetics...

Okay, I've got a long writing session this Saturday and Sunday is my chapter meeting. The last one for me at LARA, sniff sniff, unless I fly in to be a speaker for them. That's always fun to do. I've already have to start thinking of promo-ing myself. It's one of those things that will help get my name out there now that I am re-inventing myself. I'll think about that another day...

I've been working on this HQ Spice Brief in hopes of sending it out soon. It's actually pretty good so far and I feel like my writing is only getting better. I have so much to do and I'm think I will treat myself to something soon...don't know what I want yet.. SPA is always good! LOL

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