Hump Day

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I feel lazy. I need to get on a diet. I'm too busy to write and have low energy. With all that aside, I'm in pretty good spirits. Things are definitely coming into perspective and I've got GOALS to meet.

Sometimes being popular at work can be a bad thing. Everyone wants me to go out! What do I do, I throw out the "I've got deadlines" routine and still wind up getting at least one drink in! Oh well. I am guilty of watching American Idol, Season 7. I really hate this part of the competition but I cannot seem to press the channel button so I am subjected to two hours of bad singers. If I wanted to hear bad singing I just have to sing outloud! I was just thinking that it was 45 degrees this morning and I am ready for summer. It's so nice to not have to worry about boots, socks, sweater...not that I wear any of those things. I think I own 2 pairs of socks. I have no winter shoes so I wear open-toed shoes year round. I'm a freak. It's the lazy part of me. Don't get me wrong, on casual Fridays I put on those eskimo boots or UGGS. Other than that I'm more about how fast I can slip on my shoes to run out the door. That reminds me, I need to alter several of my slacks but since I am quitting my corporate job I may not have a need to get them hemmed!

I'm thinking about crawling under the covers and keeping warm while I watch tv tonight. I wonder if I can get away with not working. Some days I feel like I should be able to but then I look at my computer and know that I have work. What is a person to do? Anyways, I think I will try to compromise. I've also gotten a lead on selling my furniture to a friend of mine at work. Woohoo! I'll see if I can sell other things. YAY! This will start getting easier to pack as I'll be shipping everything so I will have hardly anything to take with me. I love light moving but the fun will begin when I have to shred 7 years of paperwork!!!! I cringe at the thought of tax season....

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