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Last November I spent a glorious week on the Big Island, Kona...it was an incredible trip of R&R and non-stop drinking. What's not to love about it? I must have taken a thousand pictures but these are only going to be a few that I thought would give you a taste of what I experienced.

My first adventure I had the incredible opportunity to go ATV riding. Not only was it exhilarating, it was kickass pressing down on the accelerator and almost tumbling off the side of the path into a ditch. I almost did a couple of times, but it was so much fun that time just flew by.

On my way to Hilo and the way cool helicopter trip, I stopped off at the top of the mountain. Didn't want to miss the golden opportunity. The picture turned out amazing as it looked like an airbrushed backdrop.

Look at me, I'm trying to board the helicopter and I got the front seat!

Don't I look cute with the earphones on? When you're flying above the volcanoes it could be hard on the ears and the earphones make it easier for the pilot to communicate while giving you a brief tour in the air.

The Lost City was gorgeous! I can't begin to describe the preserved tikkas, hut constructions, games, etc. that belonged on the island. Hawaii is so rich in its story that I was enamored by the whole experience. I definitely had developed a few stories in my head just from the trip.

I couldn't help singing Yellow Submarine. Fortunately, everyone was spared I didn't open my mouth or they'd surely jump ship.

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Eva Gale Says :
11:14 PM

that picture makes me want to tweak you on the nose like you were one of my kids.

The East Coast is eagerly expecting you!

jax Says :
4:24 PM

If you ever tweak my nose I'm going to give you a bloody lip. :)

Okay, I should take it as a motherly gesture, but you know me..I'm nothing but naughty!

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