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I used to love graphic design, but lately I find that when you turn a hobby into a career, everything seems muddied. Well, I was once a voracious student and learned all my computer software through reading, reading, reading. I'd sit up for hours just to figure out the little details. It was a wonderful, yet frustrating feeling and when I created something beautiful I was proud. Little did I know I would have a freelance job that utilized my graphics abilities. In the beginning I was so stoked about getting paid for doing something I love. Nowadays I am trying to get through my deadlines to focus on my writing deadlines. I'm not doing a very good job meeting graphics deadlines, but my covers are pretty awesome, so I am proud of that!

Well, it looks like my book signing schedule is filling up thanks to my local chapter the CFRW (Central Florida Romance Writers). They are an awesome group. I went to my first meeting on Sunday and everyone seemed to be incredibly nice. I look forward to this new membership. I'll be joining Kristen's chapter as well but hopefully she won't coerce me into an office position! LOL

If anyone lives in the Dallas area, I'll be signing on April 5th.

Date: APRIL 5, 2008
Time: 8:30 am-5:00 pm
Event: DARA Conference, Dreamin' in Dallas
Plano, TX at the Southfork Hotel

I've got about 7-10 more events coming up as well and will post when they are confirmed. Hope to see you there! :)

4 Responses to "Art blues"

Robin Says :
11:06 PM

Hi Jax! I'm so glad you enjoyed your new RWA chapter. And yay on the book signings, you busy bee! We miss you here in Southern Cal! Take care!

Portia Da Costa Says :
2:33 AM

I feel the same about web design as you do about art. I used to love learning as many new tricks as I could, and was thrilled to be able to design sites for people and earn money doing it... but now it's so hard to balance the web work with my writing. And I really do want to focus on writing... yet I have to meet my design commitments too. It's tricky...

Good luck with the signings!

Eva Gale Says :
9:23 AM

I love the new header!

And your covers are gorgeous. It's a tricky balance when a hobby turns into work.

Lara Santiago Says :
4:59 PM

Good luck with that!
You'll be president of the chapter before you know it. :):)

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