Writing Warrior

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I've got nine whole days to turn in my manuscript. Been writing like the wind but there never seems to be enough time, so I am going to lock myself up and get it done. Maybe even before it's due! Okay, being optimistic here.

Jeez, I need to stop getting myself into these predicament again...

Alright, alright...I'm going. Harumpf.

PS. I love Mandy Moore's cover of Rihanna's UMBRELLA. The lyrics are amazing and it's a bit romantic. Good to listen to while you're writing and it's raining outside... :)

3 Responses to "Writing Warrior"

Eva Gale Says :
4:24 PM

I swear to god I'm gonna come down there and strap your teeny ass to a chair. Jax thy name is PROCRASTINATION.

jax Says :
5:06 PM

I AM WRITING!!!! You can be such a witch..but with a capital "B"!!! Harumpf

Eva Gale Says :
8:31 AM

I have kids, you can't call me anything they haven't already. Now get going.

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