Do you love YA (Young Adult)?

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As I write my first YA novella I'm wondering what people like to read. I've been to the bookstores and there are so many different authors and series to choose from that I can't decide. I love most of the covers and it's becoming more sophisticated than the ones I used to read, like Sweet Valley High and other romance YA's that were featured on the monthly book brochures in school. In those days, I read like 5 of the books a week because they were the size of a Harlequin category book. I know that kids these days are not as naive as before and their vocabulary may even be more advanced than mine...but I'm curious to know what readers are looking for. As I mentioned in a previous post, my publisher is keeping it more wholesome. Sure the're sexual attraction, mininal cuss words, etc...we can't avoid those things, but we want it to still be engaging to the YA market. We're not going to insult their intelligence but we're also not here to preach...we're here to entertain without getting too risque or push the limits of what is considered taboo. I'm personally writing something that would have appealed to me, will make me laugh and possess a dreamy spark of romance...that's what I'm all about.

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Robin Says :
6:58 PM

Hi Jax! Best of luck with the YA! I think you'll write a terrific one! And congrats on your first Orlando signing. Miss ya here in LA!

Ms.Erika Says :
5:57 PM

I heart YA very much. Sometimes I still feel like a kid even though...

I think the best way to come at them is to 'talk' about sex just don't write the act out. Have a gay character or two, don't make all the characters the same race/color/religion. Have interracial dating but don't make it a big deal. I could go on but you get my point.

Good luck!

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