My very first Orlando signing...

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Look at this! My name is listed first! Okay, it's in alphabetical order, but who cares! I think it is awesome to be listed. I sold a handful of books, more than expectations and I'm on the shelf!! YAY!

Here I am with my sunglasses on my head because my sister forgot to tell me to get it off my freakin' head! :) But at least I have photos..even though she only took 5 pics :(

Here is my group photo..At the far end is Catherine Kean (historical author), Nancy J. Cohen (humorous mystery), and Moi!

10 Responses to "My very first Orlando signing..."

Cassandra Says :
7:45 PM

Very neat, Jax. If I lived anywhere near Florida, you know I'd have shown my face.

Congrats on your first Florida B&N signing!

Wishing you many happy sales,

Eva Gale Says :
8:13 PM

Whoo hoo you!

You look flippin adorabe.

jax Says :
7:20 AM

I even snuck off with the B&N sign with my name on it. I am going to frame it as a poster on my wall. It's nice to have a piece of your first book signing! YAY!

Katie Reus Says :
1:03 PM

You ladies looked wonderful Saturday! And the B&N sign? I'm impressed ;)

Kelly Gay Says :
1:37 PM

Very cool! YAY for you! And I like the 'sunglasses look'. :)

Lillian Feisty Says :
11:32 AM

I wish I could have been there!!

P.S. I tagged you.

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