I feel generous....

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How much do you really love me? If you want a chance to win the ARC (advanced reading copy) of ART OF SENSUALITY, here's your chance to comment and you'll be put in the drawing. I'll announce the winner Friday the 25th!

If you really love me and have read THE LOTUS BLOSSOM CHRONICLES, please feel free to leave a review on AMAZON! :)

I'm having a good day and thought I'd spread the joy...

21 Responses to "I feel generous...."

Chi Says :
10:50 PM

What? That easy? Mwah! I love you. I hope I win so I can get it signed at conference :)

Inez Says :
11:37 PM

I just want it said that I knew you when...You're fabulous and will take them by storm!!!

Kissa Starling Says :
12:04 AM

Wow, I love these kind of contest entries! I love the header on your blog.


jax Says :
7:48 AM

Thanks for entering! I actually have people who want to read my story! Goody Goody! LOL

Good luck to all of you...the winners fate is up to my 6 year old nephew who is really good a picking winners! He wants to be a Transformer when he grows up!

Cassandra Says :
8:22 AM

Cool! I'd love to snag an ARC of your book, Jax.

Tell your nephew I wanted to be a manatee when I grew up, so I totally understand. ::grins::


Seeley deBorn Says :
8:47 AM

*drops name in box*


My kid wants to be a scientist when he grows up. Why? Because all the cool superheros were scientists first. LOL

Leigh Royals Says :
8:53 AM

I love these contests. And I love your voice. Awesome!

jax Says :
8:54 AM

Well, I will say I wanted to be a Powder Puff Girl! Unfortunately, I got the size but not the superhero powers :(

Dana Belfry Says :
9:03 AM

How much do I love you? Let me count the ways...

(okay come on I quoted Shakespeare on your blog. That totally has to score me an arc!)

Jennifer McKenzie Says :
9:52 AM

I love you *stretches arm waaaaaaaaaaaaay out* much!!!!!
I LOVED "The Lotus Blossom Chronicles".
I'll get to Amazon.

Tonni Says :
10:05 AM

I would love to read your ARC
And I love your blog header
But more importantly.......

I Love You too


Jennifer Bianco Says :
10:18 AM

I watched this trailer last night, and it is fantastic. I love your eye for detail, and the way you incorporate the music that fits so perfectly.

This books sounds awesome, Jax.
You are very much loved! :)

DD Blackman Says :
11:05 AM

Jax, this soulds like an interesting read. I can't wait to read it.


Alan Morgan Says :
11:23 AM

Oh, you updated your blogger theme. Looks very pretty, love the ink on her.


Rhonda Stapleton Says :
12:07 PM

Oooooh! How did I miss this before--enter me PLEASE!!

L.K. Campbell Says :
12:18 PM

Please enter me in your drawing. Love you, Jax!

Ember Says :
3:08 PM

Woohoooo!! I adore your writing. Put me in!

Diana Castilleja Says :
1:40 PM

*runs away with the entry box*

I want it! *shoves Jen out of the way* Well not hard anyway. ;)

Hugs and love.

jax Says :
1:47 PM

Diana! You trouble maker! My six year old nephew is going to tackle you down and sick his Transformer buddies on you! :)

Come to think of it, maybe the rest of the folks in the queue will do it for him...

Amanda Brice Says :
3:36 PM

Awesomeness. I can't wait to read it!

Katie Reus Says :
10:50 AM

I love easy contests!!

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