My first review for ART OF SENSUALITY

Author: Jax Cassidy // Category:
I was terrified, nervous, sick to my's always insane when you send your work out to a reviewer. It's one of those things that you either pray they will love your story or spare you by accidentally losing your book...of course my novel isn't going to be released until November 2008 but the reviews will slowly trickle in. It's never too early to get yourself circulating in the review circuit. Well, some quotes I'll definitely use in my books after the final edits are in, and some quotes I'll reserve for my website...but overall, I can say that this first review is helping me get over the nausea of waiting...anticipating...

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Can I just say right now...THANK YOU REVIEWERS, I know it's a tough job and I appreciate you doing it!

3 Responses to "My first review for ART OF SENSUALITY"

Abigail Says :
7:32 AM

'If you want to travel through a relationship that deals with the vagaries of human nature and relationships, along with a VERY healthy dose of sensuous erotica, then don’t hesitate to buy this book.'

- Great job Jax. Can't wait to read it!

jax Says :
10:08 AM

Thanks Abi! I normally don't like reading reviews because it affects you whether you think it does or not. All I can say is that this quote is going in my promos! :) My first solo review! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!

Anonymous Says :
10:30 AM


Shake it girl, you deserve it.


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