Now we wait...

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Five days later, I am surprised I am sane. I closed my eyes and pressed

My queries and proposals are finally out to the super agents. All of whom I would be lucky enough to have. Hopefully one of them will see the spark of potential. I didn't think I'd be looking for an agent so soon, but sometimes, it just feels right. Timing is everything. I hope that the third times a charm because I spent my whole life with this huge universe swimming in my head and I am very proud of the end product. I never thought I'd be able to revise it one more time, but when it comes down to it, this was what I've always been waiting on...

So, what do I do now? Answer: Focus on my deadlines. Yeah, that's good. I need to keep busy and think happy thoughts....

Well folks--I'll keep you posted.

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Cia Leah Says :
4:57 PM

Don't stress! You will get your agent! :)

Always the very best!


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