Happy Birthday to ME!

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The day is almost over and Happy Birthday to yours truly.

No cake. No loud parties. Not an ounce of champagne...

But it was a great time to reflect.

Today is a day when I make things happen. In past years I never celebrated, except for the occasional surprised parties, and this year was no exception. When you come from a large family it's never a big deal to anyone and even when you go out, they still treat you like the crappy kid sister. Oh well.

I wish I could say I swam across the English Channel, climbed Mt. Everest, traveled to Tibet, or walked the streets of Paris--well, maybe not this round but someday soon I'll have exciting birthday adventures. Until that day, I'm like any ordinary person who must do laundry, clean my room, wash dishes...then work on my latest WIP. That's how dedicated I am.

To be honest, none of the bells and whistles are necessary when you're on a mission. Besides, I just received one of the greatest birthday presents of my life...my mother gave me a family jewel she's had for 60 years that was passed on from my grandmother. I'm going to have it set into a custom setting. What more can a girl ask when she's got a piece of family that will someday belong to my children....

Hope everyone has had a fulfilling day. :)

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Chudney Defreitas-Thomas Says :
7:52 PM

Happy Birthday Jax!

Abi Says :
8:00 AM

Happy Birthday!

Robin Says :
10:49 AM

Happy, Happy Birthday! Best wishes for a fantastic, wishes-come-true year!

Kelly Gay Says :
9:14 AM


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