When Inspiration Strikes

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Before I get to the topic at hand...I have to say I picked up a copy of Cosmo mag and squealed upon seeing the awesome HOT READ article/excerpt of Eden Bradley's next book FORBIDDEN FRUIT! I was lucky enough to get an ARC of it at RWA Nationals--let me tell you, it's as hot as they say it is! I loved it, just like how I love all her other books, and I think that if you want a really hot, thought provoking, and sexy read...pick it up!

Well, I'm officially out of my funk. I don't have much more to go on my proposal and then I can send it off. It was such a rush to get the pages down and even more exciting to re-read it. There were times when I was proud of what I've written and to see how much I've grown really makes it a better writing experience. It's a major breakthrough for me to be able to get back into that mental subspace required for writing. Too many distractions have led my mind to protest working so it's been a real challenge to push forward. I think that every writer needs a time to be with other writers, to brainstorm, and hope that their enthusiasm will rub off at the end of the session. I'm already looking forward to my November retreat in Texas. That one should prove highly interesting! What's really important is ART OF SENSUALITY will be out and I can finally frame that thing! :)

It's very inspiring to have friends who are constantly amazing me with their talents and to be able to have the opportunity to work with them is a blessing. Now I'm all geared up for the October conference and ready to get down to business!!

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Abigail Says :
8:07 PM

Glad to hear you've got your mojo back. Can't wait for the release of 'Art of Sensuality'!

jax Says :
4:45 PM

Thanks woman! I am writing and writing, but feel like sleeping, sleeping. :) I'm feeling a bit under the weather but will push through to finish!

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