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I was doing a book signing Saturday and got to see and touch the Sony Ebook Reader for the first time! I was sooooo hooked when I discovered that you get 100 free books when you purchase one. Of course, I'm going to start saving hard to get me this Sangria Red model by Christmas! It is such a super cool gadget which also holds video and digital photos. The only problem is that the screen flashes in and out when you flip the virtual page. It doesn't have the function to choose a different style of flipping. Over all, it's easy to use, you can plug it right into the computer or laptop with a USB cable and you can download from any download site (per the sales girl). The best thing about it is that it's lightweight and gives you an option to stash more books on a jumpdrive or memory card. You can also read PDF and Word documents and it allows for 7500 pages of reading which one of their site commercials says is equivalent to reading "War & Peace" three times. Not that I could get through it the first time around, but you get the picture! I am so stoked about it. Maybe when I get it they will have a new upgraded version.

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Abigail Says :
8:24 PM

I had no idea it came in other colors! I know what I want for xmas!

Ember Says :
8:21 AM

Isn't it sexy-hawt!

Before you finish reading more than half a book, your eye will adjust to that inverted page that happens with each page turn. Much like when you turn a page by hand, your mind doesn't notice the blur of the page moving, it just learns to refocus on the page you are turning to. You'll also quickly learn when to push the "page turn" button to compensate for that half second delay for the electronic page to actually turn (usually somewhere around 3-5 pages from the bottom is when I have to push the page turn button).

I' ve read over a hundred books on my Reader, and I don't even notice these any more. It's amazing!

Robin Says :
9:25 AM

I don't know, there's something about holding a book in my hands. But it does sound and look cool! I hope you get one!

Kelley Nyrae Says :
10:11 AM

I REALLY want one!

jax Says :
6:03 PM

Thanks Ember! I can't wait because I used to drag a mountain of books on road trips, flights, etc and it takes up so much space. With this thing, I won't have to worry and I'll have a library already installed. However, I agree with Robin..I will always keep purchasing books to fill up my personal library. Especially ebooks that I love so much, I usually want the print book.

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