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I was coerced to archive my family pictures. Well, all the ones belonging to my mother and father in their youth, so it was a real eye opener. There's so much history and every photograph tells a different story about my parents that I never would have conceived of understanding. This opportunity is actually a blessing for it gives me insight in my own life. My mother was so beautiful with her movie star good lucks, her charm, her kindness in her youth.

My father was such a player, a sweet talker, a silly kind of man in his day. It's hard for us to see them that way when I look at them now. So, these images show me the side of them that I would have never known otherwise.

I wonder when I grow older if my children will view me this way. I better save all my pictures for them to catalogue and archive! :)

6 Responses to "Family Album"

Abigail Says :
6:56 PM

Jax they are so beautiful! I love looking at old pictures of my parents and imagining what their lives were like back then too.

Katie Reus Says :
9:15 AM

Aww, how cool! I love looking at old photos of my parents...and I'm sure your kiddos will do the same :)

Saskia Walker Says :
10:44 AM

Those are such gorgeous portraits! I can see where you get your stunning looks from. ;-}

Kwana Says :
1:36 PM

These pics are so wonderful and glamorous. Thanks for sharing.

Kelley Nyrae Says :
11:56 AM

How neat. I have no pictures of my father when he was younger. I have one of my mom.

jax Says :
1:45 PM

Thanks all. I can't stop looking at my family album. Some of my mother's other pictures are soooo beautiful. :)

I am happy I had a chance to do this.

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