Can I gloat?

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I think I will. Thank you very much.

I'm writing this really steamy short story and it suddenly occurred to me that--I'm damn good! I don't often look at my stuff without cringing or wondering if it needs more editing, but lately I've discovered something new about myself...I have a natural ability to write sex scenes. And they're pretty HOT! :) Considering I write erotic romance, you'd think I already knew I could execute it well. Most of the time I hoped but the more I write, the more I develop, I can actually see my growth as a writer. If the scene makes me blush, terrific! I guess sometimes writers take things for granted. I'm talking about our own abilities and as I mature as a writer, I am getting used to telling myself that I'm proud of my achievements, no matter how small or big. It's always hard to judge our own work but when we can, it's truly a milestone.

I think I'm going to grab a bottle of wine and try to finish this really juicy story about exclusive sex clubs, masquerades, and Paris. It's really a titillating tale!

4 Responses to "Can I gloat?"

Kelley Nyrae Says :
9:33 AM

I love that feeling. I've done that recently too. I tried my hand at my very first EROTIC romance (all my stuff is hot but not this hot). When I finished I was pretty damn proud of myself.

jax Says :
11:07 AM

Yay! A proud newbie 'erotique' writer who can admit it! I'm certain you did a smashing job and I know you've got an engaging writing style so I can definitely believe it.

Abigail Says :
11:15 AM

Yay! Isn't that a great feeling! Congrats Jax!

Kelly Gay Says :
10:04 AM

Aren't those moments awesome; when you know you're a damn good writer? :D Love those!

And LOVE your new blog look. Gorgeous, and I'm totally jealous. ;-)

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