Let's Talk Costumes

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The morning didn't start off so sexy because I was on my hands and knees weeding the garden. Not a fun thing. After the exhausting work, I had the desire to try to figure out what Halloween costume to make in case I attend any parties. That's when Gemma Halliday's Killer Fiction blog gave me an idea. Ever since I watched the movie Legend, years ago, I loved that black wedding dress Lili wore and I've never been able to find a clear enough photo. Fortunately for me, I remembered Tangerine Dreams had a sketch of the costume on the back of their Legend CD. Et, Voila! There you have it. I've decided to make the dress for the RT festivities to wear at the Vampire's Ball. It would work out nicely if I could execute it. I think I'm going to add my own Jax magic to it :)

This brings me to a conversation I had with JamaicanChick. We were discussing costumes and such and she exclaimed, "you're holding out on me! I didn't know you could sew." Of course I do, silly! Not saying I'm a pro like some of my other friends, but back in the day, when I wanted to be a fashion designer, I apprenticed for an Italian designer. He was everything I had envisioned a fashion designer to be: pompous, arrogant, temperamental, unpredictable....Needless to say, the stint was short-lived because I didn't want to be a slave to fashion, literally. Especially when everything you produced was creative, fresh and tres chic...yet, you get no credit whatsoever. I didn't like where that was going. Maybe if I had stuck around I would be able to enter Project Runway by now. Maybe I would have done Fashion Week and traveled to Italy a hundred times over, maybe I could of hit on those hot male models...ahem...anyways, the future is now and I am just a crappy seamstress when I get around to sewing...where was I? Oh, yeah...

In past years I've been, Raggedy Ann, a witch, a fairy, Wednesday from Addams Family, The Crow, Bjork, vampiress, China Doll...this list goes on. My most recent excursion was in 2007 in which I was a burglar with Gemma playing the detective. That was a lot of fun. I even got a phone number out of the outing with a guy 13 years younger than me! Sorry, I am so not ready to be a Cougar yet. :/

This year looks like it's going to be an indoor event: me glued to the sofa watching some crappy movie on Lifetime and wishing I was in LA going to some glitzy parties, totally lushed up and dancing on the table....sigh....

3 Responses to "Let's Talk Costumes"

Karen Erickson Says :
6:42 PM

Aw I'm watching a crappy Lifetime movie right now! LMAO

If you make that costume I wanna see pictures! I think it'll be awesome. :)

Abigail Says :
4:35 PM

I'll probably be doing the same thing on halloween. (Punctuated of course by the kids ringing the doorbell off the hook!)

Go ahead and make the costume...If you don't wear it this year, there is always 2009!

jax Says :
8:29 AM

My guilty pleasures is "Lifetime"! I just like to hide it. :)

Too bad I have to pack everything or else I'd be working on the costume. You know I have ADHD so I tend to do a billion things at the same time. **snork**

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