Jax's got her Groove Back

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I finished my proposal on Sunday night and, Oh, what a feeling! All I'm waiting on is for my CPs to crit the proposal and once I've polished the darn thing, off it goes to the agent!!! I really really really think this story has a NY feel and I'm hoping the agent I want will see it too. It's nerve-wracking. Most people assume I've already gotten an agent..er, I did at one point..so I'm finally in hot pursuit of someone who will make my life easier when it comes to submitting to the big houses. Yes, I'm so ready and I truly believe the winds of change is coming...and boy do I need it!

Now, I'm moving onto the next item on my deadline list. Finish the YA that has had two extensions. Sigh. I am such the procrastinator! If you really think about it, I was writing other things so it wasn't a matter of not writing. Since finishing the proposal, I feel like I'm ready to conquer this novella. I'm trying to do 10 pages a day but will be happy if I complete more. Thankfully it's not a single title or I'd really kick myself. This is a story for the 2009 launch of the Moxie YA imprint! Woot Woot! I'm very happy and proud to participate and there are two really awesome authors that will debut in this anthology.

Next on my list, finish my novella for the Lotus Blossom Chronicles: Book 4, which will be out in January 2010! As you can tell, I've got back-to-back deadlines and then the great big move to Wilmington. A new start, a new life...and hopefully a big NY contract. Cross your fingers for me!

5 Responses to "Jax's got her Groove Back"

Kelley Nyrae Says :
10:51 AM

My fingers are crossed for you!! I have a story idea in mind for an agent but I haven't been able to write it yet. So many ideas so little time. I wish you the BEST of luck, Jax.

Kelly Gay Says :
2:42 PM

Congrats on finishing your proposal, Jax! Sending you lots of pixie dust! :)

Jennifer Bianco Says :
6:49 PM

Congrats on finishing the proposal, Jax, and my fingers are crossed for ya. :)

Abigail Says :
12:33 PM

Go Jax Go! Can't wait to hear how everything goes.

Kelley Nyrae Says :
10:59 AM

LOVE the new layout. It's gorgeous. I'm jealous ;)

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