Time for a change

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It's a beautiful sunny day and I've been writing until I feel carpal tunnel coming. While taking a break, I decided that my blog looked a little boring...all that black is supposed to be 'mysterious' but 'sexy' is in right now. So, I took the liberties of sprucing it up a tad to reflect my new mental direction. As you can see from the header, like all authors, we aspire to make it on the NY Times Bestseller List...ahem, I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw up the wish list in case the Universe is listening. Maybe the change in environment will bring in more traffic, maybe it won't. Either way, I like this new look...for now.

Here's where I get all philosophical. You can tune me out at any time... :)

Change is scary but most often it's very good for the mind and spirit. I'm impulsive/compulsive/spontaneous by nature, if I don't like something..I change it. If I want something bad enough, I get it. Sometimes you just need change to let yourself know you're alive and there's a whole lot of living to live. Give it a try. Throw your friends for a loop. Don't feel like doing the dishes, hop in your car and drive to the beach. Tired of your hair, cut it. You get the picture.

When you are scared of change, you let things pass you by. I'm a firm believer in working hard to get what you want but sometimes the safe bet isn't always the best bet. Sometimes change just happens and you can't control it: you drift apart from your friends, you make new friends, you move, you jump jobs, you fall in love, you follow your heart and make something happen...I believe that all these things are meant to be...you may not see it that way, but you will. Sure, most people want to be in control of their lives but what I've learned the past few years is that you'll be faced with change no matter if you want it or not. You just need to learn to accept it.

Now go out there and make a change!

8 Responses to "Time for a change"

Abigail Says :
1:49 PM

Love the new look Jax!
I'm all for change and can attest to the good things that have come to my life recently as a result of new changes that I've resisted in the past.

Great Post!

karen erickson Says :
2:01 PM

Jax I think your blog looks beautiful! And I agree with you about change. Yes it's scary but most of the time, it's for the best. :)

jax Says :
3:00 PM

Thanks Abi & Karen!

Thanks for being the handful of people who visits my blog. I love you girls!!!!

Kelley Nyrae Says :
4:42 PM

I think your new blog is gorgeous! Yeah I'm one of those people who are afriad of change. I try not to be. I'm actually manking an honest effort to work on that right now. Life is waaaaay too short not to.

jax Says :
4:48 PM


I am a workaholic and a stress-out-aholic...but it's never too late to focus on yourself. If you don't do it, no one else will do it for you. So you should kick back, relax and have a glass of wine. Better yet, go to a spa. That's my favorite thing in the world to do! I am a Spa Addict, but lately I haven't had a chance to go as often as I'd like...however, sometime soon, I'm going to start pampering myself again!

Crystal Jordan Says :
6:17 PM

Gorgeous as always!

Katie Reus Says :
6:37 PM

Lovin the new look girl!! If you ever get bored and want to change my blog...muahhaaaahaa, j/k :)

Seriously, love the actual post. Just quit my job and even though I know it's for the best, I'm scared about making the jump into my new job! Thanks for the reminder that change is good!

jax Says :
8:02 PM


You're so funny! I'll put you on the 'must hack and change blog' list. Jeez, if not for deadlines I might actually do it. :)

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