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I took a day and a half for a short mental break. Ended up doing a ton of arts and craft in a small amount of time, but it was fun to be able to get my nieces and nephews involved. Kids are a handful but they're pretty darn creative!

Now, I'm back to work. Focusing hardcore on my deadlines so it might be a few days before I post again. I plan to get the first project out of the way by next weekend. I've got a book signing on the 25th and very excited about that. I love meeting people and fellow authors. They're always so cool and inspiring! Then the weekend after I'll be traveling for a mini-vacation and a writing retreat so I'll be gone for a little over a week. It's going to be much needed, that's for sure! I'm mostly excited because I'm going to be meeting up with childhood friends I haven't seen in almost 20 years!!! Yes, we re-connected recently and it was really great. Can't wait to walk down memory lane...I'm more excited about the R&R part of my trip...still daydreaming about it. LOL -- I'll bring my camera and take pics of the getaway. I miss my photography!

Oooh, my coffee is ready and I'll need to get some caffeine in me before I am in any shape to be productive.

4 Responses to "Lockdown"

Anonymous Says :
9:08 AM

its always nice to spend time with family especially neices and nephews I have 8 :-)

Kelley Nyrae Says :
10:11 AM

Have fun! Good luck on your deadlines.

Abigail Says :
7:55 PM

Go Jax Go!

Kwana Says :
2:54 PM

Love the new look. Have a great time away.

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