Short Stories

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Short stories are coming pretty easy for me. Not the writing process, per se, but the actual storylines are just popping into my head at the strangest times and I HAVE TO WRITE the stories. It's exhausting. I shouldn't complain about my muse...I love her, but I'm tired! If she was only poking me about writing, it's one thing, but she's making me do CRAFTS. I haven't done them in years. I've been working on it for the past 6 months tossing ideas on what I want to do to earn extra income off my artistry--of course, she gave me a big push most recently.

I can tell you what I'm doing is verra good and I hope that you'll even order one of my pieces..but that's for another day :)

Hope everyone is happy and writing...I do have to share with you some music now. I love ballads and this one is really good. I'm a fan of Marie Digby even before she got picked up. I had stumbled across her music and thought she'd get a record...and she did! You should check her out. Thanks JamaicanChick for making me watch YouTube for the past hour!!!

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