Packing is so fun -- NOT!

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I've got a month to pack all my stuff in between writing deadlines and holidays. Moving is always exciting but the actual putting things in boxes, tossing things out, trying to fight your way through a messy room is disastrous. I wish I could snap my fingers and it's all done. Unfortunately, the reality is that I have to do it all myself. At least I'm getting to do it in stages. The last two times I moved, I had a little under a week to pack ten years of junk. Needless to say, I dumped a lot of stuff but now I find myself looking at more stuff I've managed to pick up along the way. I will confess now--I'm a pack rat! There, I've said it. I'm not so proud of this fact but I'm trying to do away with anything that I can. The problem is that I want to hold on to everything. It's not a good thing. I have a love of collecting office supplies and writing materials. I'm not including cases and cases of books I've saved and I bet I haven't read most of the books. With my busy schedule I put everything aside but there's never enough time to sit down and enjoy a book like before I was published. I'm not even going to attempt to read 50 books in a year. I can barely get through 10! Sadly, someday I will read again but the constant need to produce for deadlines can leave me weary.

Don't get me wrong. I love moving to a new place, starting over, trying to plant my roots but I'm a traveler. I always have been and I wonder if I'll ever find that place I've been looking for. I've made up my mind that if I make it big, I'm just going to have to buy a lot of homes in different cities and countries. When the travel bug bites, I'll have options.

At least I finished my proposal today! Woohoo! Now I have to polish them before I send it out...sigh. After reading something a dozen times, you start to fade a bit. I hope tomorrow I'll look at it from a fresh perspective. Now, I'm going to find something to watch. Why are Saturdays the worst nights for television? Maybe I'll be lucky and catch the 2nd episode of Top Chef somewhere....

4 Responses to "Packing is so fun -- NOT!"

Dara Says :
12:39 PM

I'm with you - I love the new possibilities a new home holds, but I absolutely despise packing up the one I'm leaving.
Good luck!

Robin Says :
3:52 PM

Good luck with all the packing, Jax!

Bruno Bellamy Says :
9:52 AM

Crazy author paradox : the more books you make, the less time you have to read other's books ! I have exactly the same problem... ;)

As for packing/unpacking/packing again... I moved to a new house a month ago and it's still Boxland : boxes everywhere... and when I search for something, no matter how precisely I've made lists of each box content, I still can't find the thing I really need right now.

In such a situation, finding time to have work done and be fine with deadlines is just a miracle !

Hey, by the way, I have to send you my last book ! Keep one of your books boxes open, and don't worry, it's a small one ! ;)

Abigail Says :
6:51 PM

Congrats on finishing the proposal Jax! I know it will be awesome. I am so sad that you are leaving, but I know this move signifies the start of amazing things in your life. Good luck!

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