Turkey Traditions

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For many years my parents used to host a traditional Thanksgiving feast when all our family members would be present. I would say a little more than 50 people were in attendance and these family gatherings were pretty extravagant. Not to mention how blitzed I would get drinking the alcohol but isn't that what the holiday's are about? :) Okay, we would have every kind of holiday food imaginable, from the turkey to mashed potato to the cranberry sauce to the sweet potato pie...there would be plenty of extras for the next month! Unfortunately, over the years, my older siblings started their own traditions with their own families--and someday, so will I. It's sad to think that we let our traditions fade...When I look back, those were the happiest times of my life, to share in the laughter while we prepared the food, enjoying the actual intimate dinner, and just being surrounded by family. People we wouldn't see except once a year. When I think about those days of old, I realize that as we grow older we tend to forget those little things that made those events so memorable.

This year, it's going to be a low-key holiday celebration in which I'll be spending time with my parents. This isn't the usual for me as I'm normally not able to come home for Thanksgiving so it's a real treat. I'm wondering what we'll make. Traditional American or Traditional Asian...either way, I'm just thankful to be able to spend a holiday with the folks.

That got me thinking. I'm really thankful I survived this crazy transitional year and still managed to meet the goals. I feel so blessed that things are happening for me and I'm sure that whatever I put on my list this year, I'm going to make 100% effort they come true by the end of 2009. I'm a woman on a mission...what can I say...

I hope all my friends are able to spend it with loved ones....I hope they make memories to last a lifetime...I hope they eat enough turkey and ham for me :)

Most importantly, THANK YOU to all the men and women out there who serve our country in different capacities! I wish them all a safe and happy holiday filled with laughter and love...Happy Turkey Day!

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