Moving SUCKS! WTF...

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Last Saturday my author friend was AWESOME enough to volunteer to come help me move into my new digs down the hall. The day seemed to pass pretty quickly since we didn't have furniture to haul. It was nice to spend time with her since I've been stuck indoors since the move to Texas. The rest of the day was spent hanging out at Starbucks and stuffing our faces with Mongolian BBQ for dinner. Okay, so that part of moving was possibly the easiest ever but considering the whole experience has taken a lot longer than I anticipated...

The fun has just begun.

I had to transfer all my utilities, phone, dsl, cable today and it was a real treat. I spent FOUR hours on the telephone to make this happen. I spent another hour trying to switch over my electricity, only to find out my new apartment 'does not exist'. Apparently, the apartment is so new that not all the buildings are listed in the system. Tomorrow I'll be getting the electric company to realize that, in fact, the building does exist because there happens to be electricity in our apartment. Sigh. At least I found a delivery company to pick up my furniture and assemble them this Friday. YAY! The highlight of my stay here in cow country.

I'm looking forward to a really awesome home office! I got a really cool desk, sleeper sofa, and chair so that my friends can visit or come over and write. Funny thing, it's going to be the only part of the home that's fully furnished! We still need to get living room furniture, our platform for our bed, dressers, etc. At least we have a dining table coming. Next step is the flat screen tv and washer/dryer.

Which leads me to the funniest laundry trip ever. We could not find a freakin' laundromat in Cowtown! We ended up downtown Dallas in search of a really hip place called Bar of Soap. It's a laundromat and bar, but sadly, it was closed down. Then we drove back to our area of town and there were NO laundromats. We ended up in another city and it wasn't the prettiest of parts. At 6:00 PM on a Sunday night, I felt like I was doing time--er, doing laundry in South Central. I went next door to the convenience store and when buying detergent and Bounce, the cashier was hitting on me. Then he proceeds to tell me that Asian's love watching a lot of porn! Nice conversation there. What a way to pick up chicks. During the excruciating hour wait for the clothes...I was expecting to hear sirens, car chases, gun shots, and all that other 'late-breaking news' stuff. Thankfully, we got the heck out of there before the laundry was barely dry :) Fun, I tell ya. We decided then and there we were getting the W/D ASAP!

As terrible as the endless series of mishaps, it's been entertaining. You couldn't make up half the stuff...One thing that's been the most constant part of my life is...

6 Responses to "Moving SUCKS! WTF..."

Kristen Painter Says :
8:38 AM

Asians like to watch porn? I never knew that about you. lol EWW that he was trying to pick you up! How creepy. I hope you're okay out there. I worry, ya know.

Eva Gale Says :
8:48 AM

You totally landed in Oz, don'tcha know? Hang in there chickie. It takes a while to get settled and I'm sure you'll be feeling better after a few RWA meetings. Root growing is hard work.

Abigail Says :
9:32 AM

Wow! I'm so sorry you are going through all that! It will get easier though. I can't wait to see that new office of yours!

Karen Erickson Says :
9:55 AM

I can't believe he said that to you about the porn thing. GROSS. I'm sorry for the moving trouble - moving sucks.

But I'm jealous yu ate Mongolian BBQ - we don't anything like that around here and I love it so. :)

jax Says :
4:05 PM

I gave the guy a look like WTF? He obviously mistook me for Do I look like I love porn? Ummm, that's between me and my man. Although, I do write erotic...sensual love stories...

It has been amusing here, so I'm not really that annoyed. Today was a good day because I got a lot of stuff taking care of. I'm getting my W/D delivered tomorrow, my DishNetwork Thursday, and my furniture delivered and assembled Friday. I'm on my way to being settled at long last! Thanks for thinking of makes the transition smoother.

Kelly Gay Says :
4:58 PM

Okay, I want to come and chill on your sofa in your awesome office. :-)

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