Never enough Disney

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I grew up loving Disney all time favorite is Beauty and the Beast. A lot of my storylines are touched by the bit of magic that comes from this movie...who could love a beast with a tender heart? I'm certain I'm not the only one who uses this character as an example. Then there's another all time favorite character with the same temperament, Mr. Darcy....but, if you dissect it...he resembles Mr. Beast...The truth is, these guys make the best hero in any love story.

I got my washer/dryer delivered today! So while I was testing it out, drinking coffee, unpacking, shredding, etc. I popped in the Disney movie. Even though I've seen it at least fifty times, I still love it. I love the music, the storytelling, the brings me back to that special place. Makes me miss being a kid again. I don't think you can ever out-grow cartoons, especially well written ones. Thank you, Mr. Walt Disney.

Did I mention that I have a phone line and DSL now? YES! I have wireless and I am typing on my pink mini while watching my movie. Unfortunately, my work computer is still not set up until I get my furniture Friday. It gives me a few days to finish up with the boxes and boxes sitting in my living room. I'm trying to get through it so I can finally get the rest of my furniture.

I plan on writing at least 5 pages today...any suggestions for some good romance movies set in the beautiful Italian countryside? I need some more visuals to keep me inspired.

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Dara Edmondson Says :
2:22 PM

How about "A Room With a View." Great flick, beautiful Italian scenery.

Kwana Says :
3:07 PM

You are so right about Mr. Darcy. I've ever thought of that.

Kristen Painter Says :
3:49 PM

A Good Year with Russell Crowe.

Glad to hear you got your washer and dryer!

Abigail Says :
3:52 PM

I love Beauty and the Beast too. What about 'Love Actually'?

jax Says :
4:29 PM

I've watched all your suggestions at one time or another. All great! Funny thing, but I watched "Love Actually" this morning. The Colin Firth story line with the Portuguese housekeeper was my well as the Prime Minister and the secretary.

Yes, I really liked "A Good Year" of Russell Crowe's best, I makes me want to take a vacation and drink lots of wine.

Washer and dryer is working awesomely! Thank you.

Mia Rose Says :
11:28 PM

I'm in love with Disney movies too! Although, my all time fav is Sleeping Beauty. B&B is good too, as is Fox & the Hound and Lilo & Stitch.
I've always thought that those classic Disney movies were one of the main reasons HEA is ingrained in our fantasies. It starts with childhood!

Oh, and the first movie that came to my mind was Under The Tuscan Sun.
I'm toasting you with my wine, luv!

~tivi jones Says :
8:22 AM

Back in college I did the Walt Disney World College Intern was amazing! Getting a behind-the-scenes look into Walt Disney's creations really made me appreciate the genius of the man!

I think some of my favorite love stories are Memoirs of a Geisha & The Notebook (the scene in the rain- wow!).

As far as Disney movies, I too always liked Beauty & The Beast...and Peter Pan. I just love the dynamic characters!

jax Says :
9:57 AM

Mr. Right watched the tv movie called Shadows in the Sun with Joshua Jackson and Harvey Keitel. The scenery was amazing and the story reminded me of one of those HQ romances.

Mia, I just watched Under the Tuscan Sun the other day. I loved Sleeping Beauty too! In fact, there are quite a few Disney flicks I've seen about a dozen times each.

Tivi, I bet working at Disney was a blast. I used to do a lot of acting for the shows set on their lot and we got to go on all the rides and take private tours. It was fun and I never grew tired of seeing it. Every chance I get I go to Disney.

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