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Pssst. I'm over at HOOKED today and talking about not writing....

Speaking of procrastination...Barbara Vey over at Publisher's Weekly put a little plug up about Romance Divas FREE READS. Isn't she fabulous?!

I hope everyone's had an awesome Valentines...for me, I will get to celebrate it when I return to Mr. Right. This trip has taught me to never ever ever go away during Valentine's weekend. I'm going to be boarding the plane tomorrow and then I will have the serenity I so desperately miss....

4 Responses to "Blogs, Plugs, and more..."

Kwana Says :
4:58 PM

Aww. You'll be reunited soon.

Kristen Painter Says :
7:34 PM

Barbara Vey rocks.

Louisa Edwards Says :
6:57 AM

Just think of the delayed Valentine's gratification! How sweet it is...

Kelley Nyrae Says :
10:57 AM

Delayed Valentines can some times be the best. Have fun!

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